Instagram new Feature to Share Personal Posts (2023)

Meta, the owner of the popular social media app Instagram, has unveiled a new privacy feature for users. This feature allows users to share posts and reels exclusively with their close friends.

Often, there’s a desire to share posts on Instagram but keep them personal, visible only to a select few. A new feature has been integrated into the photo-sharing app, enabling posts to be shown solely to close friends. Meta is introducing this feature to selected users, and soon everyone will reap its benefits.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared insights into the changes made to the Instagram app. Mark mentioned on the ‘Meta’ channel on Instagram, “The option to share with your close friends is now being extended to both the feed and reels. This way, you can share your posts with small groups.” It’s noteworthy that this option was previously available only for stories.

Instagram  Story Feature Introduced Years Ago

The Close Friends feature by the Instagram app was initially introduced several years ago for stories. With this feature, users can create a list of their favorite friends, becoming part of the Close Friends list. Afterward, the privacy of stories can be set to be visible only to those friends on the list. Now, this benefit extends to both posts and reels.

Sharing with Close Friends – Posts/Reels

  1. Firstly, ensure the app is updated to the latest version and tap on the + icon at the bottom after opening it.
  2. After creating a post or reel, tap on Next.
  3. On the share page, you’ll see a new tab called Audience. Tap on it.
  4. Here, you’ll find options for Everyone and Close Friends. By tapping on the circle in front of Close Friends, you make your selection.
  5. Finally, after tapping on Done, you need to tap on the Share icon appearing on the top right, and the post will be shared only with your close friends.

Users who share posts or reels with their close friends will have a green Close Friends icon visible on their content. This icon lets others know they are part of your Close Friends list.

Additionally, this Instagram feature enhances user interaction and ensures more personalized content sharing.


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