NASA Launches Free OTT App for Streaming

So, NASA just dropped a bombshell – and it’s not a rocket! The American space agency has gone rogue in the streaming world by launching NASA+, a platform that delivers science and space-related content straight to the people, completely free of charge. No ads, and it’s open to everyone.

Cutting the Cord: Watching Favorites Without the Wait

Say goodbye to waiting for your favorite shows, movies, or documentaries to hit your TV screen. While OTT platforms and apps let you stream your favorite content whenever you want, they usually come with a subscription fee. But hold on to your astronaut helmets because NASA is changing the game with the introduction of its absolutely free OTT platform, NASA+.

NASA+ – Where Subscription and Login Are Light Years Away

The beauty of NASA+ lies in its simplicity. No need to subscribe, and you can forget about creating an account and logging in. Even better? It’s an ad-free zone. So, if you’re into space and interstellar wonders, this platform is a blessing.

Accessing the New Platform: It’s Rocket Science, but Easy!

Getting access to this free streaming platform is as easy as counting down to a shuttle launch. Users can visit the web browser at for access. Alternatively, you can download the NASA app on Android and iOS platforms to stream video content. NASA+ is also making its content available on Roku and Apple TV, ensuring you can enjoy original series and Emmy Award-winning content on your big screen.

Teasing in July, Launching Big in January

NASA gave us a sneak peek of its OTT streaming app back in July this year, creating quite a buzz. The digital platform is specifically designed for videos related to science and space. NASA has been consistently sharing videos about different campaigns and space-related information, and now, all these videos will be available in one place.

Diverse Content for All Space Enthusiasts

The new OTT platform promises a variety of entertaining and informative content across different categories. In addition to that, NASA+ offers free documentary series like “Artemis: 1,” “Other Worlds: Planets,” and “First Light.” Currently, most of the content on the platform is available in English and Spanish, but brace yourself for more languages coming soon.

So, there you have it – NASA+, your new go-to for all things space without the hassle of subscriptions or logins. It’s like a rocket-powered streaming service straight from the stars to your screen. Get ready to explore the cosmos without breaking the bank.

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