Reliance Jio’s Plan: Free Disney+ Hotstar and Unlimited 5G Data

In a major move to delight its massive user base of over 44 crore customers, Reliance Jio’s plan, India’s leading telecom giant, is offering a year-long subscription to Disney+ Hotstar absolutely free with two of its prepaid plans. This generous offer comes alongside unlimited 5G data, making it a comprehensive package for entertainment enthusiasts.

Disney+ Hotstar Extravaganza with Jio’s Prepaid Plans

Jio’s 3178 Rupees Prepaid Plan: A Year of Connectivity and Entertainment

Reliance Jio’s 3178 Rupees prepaid plan boasts a validity of 365 days, providing customers with a substantial 2GB of daily data, accumulating to a whopping 730GB over the entire year. The plan includes unlimited calling across all networks and 100 daily SMS benefits. Even after exhausting the daily data limit, users can continue to browse at a reduced speed of 64 Kbps. As an additional perk, subscribers enjoy a complimentary one-year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile.

Beyond entertainment, customers availing this plan gain free access to Jio TV, Jio Cinema, and Jio Cloud. Moreover, they become eligible for Jio’s upcoming Unlimited 5G Data services, contingent on having a 5G-enabled phone and the presence of a live 5G network in their region.

Jio’s 598 Rupees Prepaid Plan: Unique and Pocket-friendly

For those seeking a shorter commitment, Jio’s 598 Rupees prepaid plan offers unique features. Despite a shorter validity of 28 days, the plan incorporates OTT benefits. Users receive a daily allowance of 2GB data, summing up to 56GB over the plan’s duration. Similar to the higher-priced plan, this one also provides unlimited calling across all networks, 100 daily SMS, and reduced internet speed after exhausting the data limit. The package includes a one-year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile and access to Jio TV, Jio Cinema, and Jio Cloud.

Just like the 3178 Rupees plan, subscribers to the 598 Rupees plan are eligible for Jio’s Unlimited 5G Data services, subject to having a 5G-enabled phone and live 5G network availability in their area.

Jio’s Ongoing Innovations

This move by Reliance Jio not only strengthens its position as the country’s largest telecom company but also reflects its commitment to enhancing customer experience. By blending connectivity with high-quality entertainment offerings and the promise of future 5G services, Jio continues to be a pioneer in India’s rapidly evolving telecom landscape.

In conclusion, Reliance Jio’s strategic decision to gift its vast user base with free Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions and the prospect of unlimited 5G data marks a significant step in redefining the standards of telecom services in India.

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