Tata Harrier vs MG Hector Comparison


The automotive world is abuzz with the competition between the Tata Harrier and the MG Hector. These two SUVs have madе quite an impression in the market  each offering a unique set of features and capabilities. In this comprehensive comparison,  we’ll delvе into the nitty-gritty of both vehicles to help you decide which one suits your needs best. Whether you’re looking for performance, style, or affordability we’ve got you covered.

Exterior Styling

When it comes to the exterior, both the Tata Harrier and MG Hector make a strong visual statement. The Harrier boasts a sporty and muscular design, with bold lines and a distinctive front grille. On the other hand, the MG Hector exudes a premium look, featuring a silver-detailed front grille and sleek styling. The Harrier takes a sportier approach, incorporating blacked-out elements and larger wheels, which can go up to 19 inches in the Dark Edition. Meanwhile, the MG Hector emphasizes spaciousness and has a more upright stance.

Interior Comfort

Stepping inside, both vehicles offer an array of amenities. The Tata Harrier boasts a sporty black and yellow interior, which exudes a unique and youthful vibe. It has comfortable seats with red inserts and customizable headrests. The MG Hector, on the other hand, leans towards a more premium aesthetic with black and beige interiors. Its seats strike a balance between softness and firmness, offering a comfortable ride. The Hector has an advantage in rear-seat space, particularly in terms of knee and headroom.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the Tata Harrier and MG Hector share a common 2.0-liter diesel engine sourced from Jeep, but with different tuning. The Harrier is more focused on delivering a sportier driving experience, with a responsive engine that offers good acceleration. It now features an electronic steering wheel, making it easier to handle, especially in urban settings. In contrast, the MG Hector emphasizes a comfortable and smooth ride, particularly with its 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine, making it ideal for city driving.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety  both SUVs offer a range of features. The Tata Harrier received an impressive 5-star rating in crash tests for child and adult safety that  making it one of the safest vehicles in the Indian market. The MG Hector also offеrs a comprehensive safety suite, including ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) like Lane Watch and Adaptive Cruise Control. It’s clear that both vehicles prioritize safety.

Infotainment Systems

In the tech department, the Tata Harrier comes equipped with a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system with a user-friendly interface. The 360-degree camera in the Harrier is best in class. The MG Hector, however, boasts a larger 14-inch touchscreen display that’s equally user-friendly. The Harrier’s system is customizable and offеrs a better UI, while the Hector’s infotainment system impresses with its responsiveness.

Pricing and Value

Pricing is where the MG Hector has an edge. It offers an attractive price point that the top-end Tata Harrier can’t match. If you’re looking for affordability, the MG Hector is the clear winner in this category. The Tata Harrier, while loaded with features, tends to come with a higher price tag.

Fuel Efficiency

Both SUVs provide reasonable fuel efficiency, with the Harrier returning around 10-13 kmpl in the city and 15-18 kmpl on the highway. The MG Hector’s petrol variant is known for its quiet and efficient engine, making it a good choice for city driving. However, if you’re an enthusiast who enjoys acceleration, the diesel engine in both vehicles offers more power.

Driving Experience

The Tata Harrier shines when it comes to the driving experience, especially if you seek a sportier, more fun-to-drive SUV. The electronic steering wheel and adaptive cruise control enhance the Harrier’s driving dynamics. It’s a delightful choice for enthusiasts and those who appreciate a sporty ride. On the other hand, the MG Hector delivers a more comfortable city driving experience, thanks to its smaller steering wheel and a suspension setup that’s soft but a tad bouncy on uneven roads.

Ride Quality

The ridе  quality of the Tata Harrier has significantly improved, with a smoother and less stiff suspension. The Harrier handles road imperfections better, making it more comfortable for daily driving. The MG Hector, on the other hand, provides a softer suspension setup, which may feel bouncy on rough roads. However, it excels in offering a nimble and city-friendly ride.

Conclusion: Tata Harrier vs MG Hector Comparison

In the Tata Harrier vs. MG Hector comparison, both vehicles have their strengths. The Harrier appeals to those who seek a sporty, feature-rich SUV with advanced safety features. It’s an excellent choice for driving enthusiasts and individuals who prioritize a stylish exterior.

On the other hand  the MG Hector shines in terms of affordability and provides a more comfortable and city-friendly ride. It offers exceptional value for money  making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers.

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