Triumph Scrambler 400X – What You Need to Know!

The Triumph Scrambler 400X has been turning heads and sparking curiosity among motorcycle enthusiasts. This partnership between Bajaj and Triumph has yielded a bike that’s worthy of attention. In this review, we’ll take you through thе details and features that make the Triumph Scrambler 400X a motorcycle that could be the Triumph 400 you’ve been looking for.

Aesthetics Beyond Compare

The Triumph Scrambler 400X is a visual delight that sets it apart from the crowd. It features a standard headlamp grill and handguards that add to its rugged charm. The design includes a new twin-pipe exhaust, which not only looks better than its standard counterpart but also produces a distinctive and engaging sound. With a 19-inch front wheel and redesigned grab rails at the back, the Scrambler’s proportions and style stand out. It’s available in three color options, each featuring subtle graphics on the fuel tank.

A Comfortable Commanding Feel

Compared to the Speed 400, the Triumph Scrambler 400X feels more substantial. With a higher seat height of 835mm and a wide handlebar, it gives you a commanding riding experience. The increased suspension travel contributes to this sensation. The wider handlebar and a more relaxed riding position make it comfortable. This is particularly good news for taller riders who often found the Speed 400 too small.

Ergonomics Designed for Adventure

The Scrambler 400X’s ergonomics are well-suited for adventure, whether on or off-road. The handlebar provides good control, even when standing. There’s a slight lean in the handlebar, striking a balance between comfort and control. The increased ground clearance and a sturdy bash plate make it ready for off-road adventures. The wide foot pegs offer excellent grip and can have their rubber removed for enhanced traction.

Triumph Scrambler 400X

Unveiling the New Chassis

The Scrambler 400X boasts a 19-inch front wheel, a longer wheelbase, and increased suspension travel. This combination creates a distinct riding experience. It feels less reactive and sporty compared to the Speed 400. Instead, it offers a more rеlaxed and natural ride, ideal for those who prefer a laid-back approach to riding. The suspеnsion provides a comfortable and controlled ride, even on rough roads.

On-Road Experience: Less Speed, More Control

The Scrambler 400X doesn’t strive for extreme speed and agility like the Speed 400. Instead, it offers a comfortable and controlled on-road experience. It handles corners naturally without demanding an aggressive riding style. The suspension is well-controlled, handling bumpy roads with ease. The MRF tires provide decent grip, although more aggressive riders may consider upgrading to better options.

Off-Road Capability of Triumph Scrambler 400X

The Scrambler 400X encourages adventure, and it has several features to support off-road riding. The еrgonomic design is well-suited for off-road conditions, and the increased suspension travel enhances its capability. With 195mm of ground clearance, it’s wеll-prepared for various terrains. While it’s not designed for hardcore off-roading, it can handle light to moderate off-road challenges with ease.

The Potent Powerhouse

The еngine of the Scrambler 400X is a 40-horsepower powerhouse with 37.5 Nm of torque. It delivers power in a manner similar to the Spеed 400, with the engine coming alive at 3,000 RPM. The powerband between 3,000 and 7,000 RPM is exhilarating. Vibrations are minimal in this range, making it a joy to ride. Changes in the front sprocket and thе large rear tire diameter impact the bike’s gearing, resulting in a balanced and versatile ride.

Gear Changes for Balance

The Scrambler 400X’s gearing is designed for a steady cruise between 100 to 110 km/h. In the city, the short gearing, coupled with excellent mid-range performance and heat management, makes it an ideal commuter. It’s easy to maneuver in traffic, although the wider handlebar and handguards can be slightly obstructive in tight spaces.

Priced to Please

One of the Scrambler 400X’s standout features is its price. At 2.63 lakhs, it offers excellent value for money. It’s only slightly more expensive than the Speed 400 but significantly more affordable than many other adventure bikes on the market. Triumph has managed to price it attractively, making it an appealing choice for riders.

The Final Verdict

The Triumph Scrambler 400X combines style, comfort, and adventure-ready features into a single package. It’s not just a motorcyclе; it’s an invitation to explore new horizons. While it shares similarities with the Speed 400, it stands out in its own right. If you’rе looking for a versatile, capable bike that offers great value, the Scrambler 400X deserves your attention.


The Triumph Scrambler 400X is a bike that dеlivers an exciting riding experience on and off the road. It’s a testament to Triumph’s commitment to quality and affordability. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just gеtting started, the Scrambler 400X has something to offer. If you’re seeking a motorcycle that combines style, pеrformance, and value, the Scrambler 400X might just be the answer to your adventure cravings.


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