TVS X Electric Scooter – A Game Changer in the EV World? 


Electric scooters arе revolutionizing the way we commute, offering a cleaner and more eco-friendly mode of transportation. TVS  a renowned name in the automotive industry, has entered the electric scooter arena with its all-new TVS X. This electric scooter has generated quite a buzz, and for good reason. It is considered the long-awaited realization of the Crayon concept finally brought to life.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the TVS X electric scooter, exploring its fеatures, performance, and pricing. Is it a game-changеr in the electric vehicle world? Let’s dive in and find out.

TVS X Electric Scooter – Power-Packed Performance

At the heart of the TVS X electric scooter is an 11 kW permanent magnet motor. TVS claims it is capable of reaching  speed of 105 km/h and can go from 0 to 40 km/h in just 2.6 seconds. Thesе performance figures place it among the most powerful and quickest electric scooters in the country, competing with renowned models like the Ola S1 Pro.

When it comes to real-world performance, the TVS X offers strong acceleration, especially in its quickest sonic mode. It may not have the same lightning-quick start as an Ather 450X in warp mode, but it performs well up to around 80 km/h. However, it takes some time to reach a top speed of just over 100 km/h.


What sets the TVS X apart is how smoothly it delivers power. The accelerator response is natural and consistent, requiring no recalibration on your part. However, there have been reports of the motor cutting out during rides and needing manual restart, an issue TVS aims to address.

TVS X – A Glimpse into Its Range

The TVS X features a 4.4 kWh battery pack, with 3.8 kWh of it being usable. While this is relatively substantial, it aligns with similar offerings in the market. The claimed ARAI range is 140 km, translating to about 100 km in real-world conditions. Additional options include a portable 950 W charger and a 3 kW fast charger that can be installed at your residence. Charging times range from 1 hour 20 minutes to 4 and a half hours, depending on the charger.


Chassis Innovation – A Look Under the Frame

The TVS X stands out with its chassis package. It boasts a sportbike-style twin-spar perimeter frame constructed from aluminum. The single-sided swing arm at the rear adds to its uniqueness. This chassis package offers a sharp and agile riding experience, with responsive steering that may feel a bit light initially. The suspension handles mid-corner bumps on the track effectively, but on-road performance remains to be seen.


Handling and Suspension – A Smooth Ride Awaits

The TVS X offers a promising riding experience in terms of handling and suspension. The chassis’s responsiveness to rider inputs, while initially light, provides agility and sharpness. Suspension tuning appears well-balanced, even handling mid-corner bumps on the track. However, real-world performance remains to be tested.

Braking Matters – The Scooter’s Stopping Power

Braking can be a critical aspect of any vehicle, and the TVS X features sharp brakes, especially at the front. While ABS helps manage this, the rear disc brake is overly sharp, making it easy to lock up with minimal effort. TVS plans to fine-tune this aspect before deliveries begin.

TVS X Technical Specification

SpecificationTVS X Electric Scooter
Motor7kW (11kW peak power)
Range140 km
Top Speed105 kmph
Acceleration0-40 kmph in 2.6 seconds
Charging Time4 hours
Fast ChargingYes
Riding ModesXtealth, Xtride, Xonic
Max Power11,000 W
Rated Power7,000 W
Max TorqueNot Available
Motor TypePMSM
Motor Power (W)7,000
Max Power (PS)15 PS
Range per Charge80 km
0 to 50% Charge Time50 minutes


TVS X’s Impressive 10.25-inch TFT Touchscreen

One of the most prominent features of the TVS X is its massive 10.25-inch TFT touchscreen. It offers a wide range of functionalities  from cricket scores to onboard navigation and entertainment features. You can even stream music and audio to the scooter’s onboard speaker. While there’s an impressive array of features, there’s room for improvement in terms of touch responsiveness and overall

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