WhatsApp Users Beware: Changes to Chat Backups on Android

WhatsApp, the beloved messaging platform, has sprung a surprise on its users with a major alteration to its chat backups system. This modification will directly impact Android users who rely on Google Drive for their backups.

The Once-Easy Cloud Backup Process

Until now, taking a chat backup on the cloud through WhatsApp was a breeze for users. However, a significant change has stirred some concerns. In 2018, WhatsApp had struck an agreement with Google, promising users unlimited storage for their WhatsApp chat backups, separate from Google Drive. Now, with the end of this agreement, chat backups will become part of limited cloud storage.

Google’s Decision and Its Implications

Google has decided to confine WhatsApp users’ chat history backups to limited cloud storage, affecting the experience for Android users. WhatsApp chat backups will now be included in the 15GB of free cloud storage available to Gmail users. Due to this shift, users need to be mindful of keeping their chat backups within the storage limit.

Google clarified this change, stating, “The chat backup experience for Android users will now be similar to other messaging platforms. WhatsApp chats will now be part of the 15GB free cloud storage available to Google users.” Despite this alteration, Google assures users of continued collaboration with WhatsApp to provide secure cloud backups.

No Impact on iPhone Users

iPhone users can breathe easy as this change will not affect them. Since WhatsApp’s cloud backup on iOS doesn’t save to Google Drive, iPhone users have the option to save chat backups on iCloud storage. For these users, the option to take chat backups in limited storage remains unchanged.

When Will Users See This Change?

The transition to the new cloud backup system will be gradual for users. Beta users will experience the impact first, followed by a phased rollout to all users in the first quarter of the coming year. Users will receive alerts in their app settings, notifying them about this change. The platform assures users that they will be informed about the change 30 days before its implementation.

In conclusion, WhatsApp’s adjustment to chat backups is a reminder for users, especially those on Android, to be mindful of their backup sizes. Stay tuned for updates as the platform continues to enhance user experience while adapting to evolving cloud storage dynamics.

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